Shooting Range

Client Name: Logan L.

Client Country: United States

Project Goal: The goal was to redesign all pages of this site which was 12pages in total. And fix any design issues which I face during the redesigning process.


  1. Fix the design issues from the backend settings
  2. Redesign 12 pages of the site
  3. Make it responsive for the mobile devices

Summary: About this project, I can say it was challenging. The client hired two developers before who left this site totally destroyed. The site was vulnerable and the design was not responsive. Lots of issues with the design. So I had to decide to start it from the beginning. So I created 13pages totally new and replace old pages with them. 

Not just that, when I was working on the design, lots of issues came up. I couldn’t go ahead without fixing them. It was hard work. But eventually, we did it. The client communication was fast which helped me to finish this soon. The project was on milestones. In the first milestone, I finished half of the 6 pages. In the second milestone, I finished the other 6 pages. But in the end, the client requested an additional page which I created. So the total was 13pages to redesign.

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