From where do I start?
Okay. Let’s talk about two things that every project needs.
Commitment and Dedication.


Commitment happens when two or more living things take the same promise to achieve a goal together. Before starting a project buyer and seller take a promise to finish that project successfully. As a seller, I always committed to my buyers to provide the service I promised before starting the project.

Commitment where lies in my loyalty to my profession, honesty to my clients.


Commitment is not possible without enough dedication. If you are lazy, careless, and less motivated that will take you nowhere. You will need a lot of dedication to what you are doing. Myself always dedicated to my work which can be any client’s project, blog writing, or video making.

Now let’s talk about my Skills and Experiences.


Before starting your career, you have to be sure that you are enough skilled so that you can deliver good services. It doesn’t matter how committed and dedicated you are while doing the project, if you are not enough skilled it will bring you a dissatisfied client. I always take those projects which are within my skills. I have expertise in programming languages like – HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, JQUERY, and database management systems like MySQL. Platforms I mostly work are WordPress & Shopify.


I have 4years of experience working with a local agency named Nextgen – IT as a Web Developer. There I had the experience working with different clients from Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia, etc. I have done lots of projects working individually and as a team member.
Now I am trying to build my enterprise where I build my themes and plugins in wordpress. Very soon I will have my themes and plugins in the WordPress repository.