DreamX Homes Real Estate

Client Name: Ben W.

Client Country: United States

Audience: The website was built based on the Ohio, United States audience

Project Goal: To build a whole website for a real estate agent and with his MLS properties and other platform integrations.


  1. To create an appealing design
  2. Integrate IDX broker and sync its properties
  3. Setup Dayton MLS on IDX broker
  4. Create pages for property categories
  5. Integrate Calendly
  6. Create forms for leads
  7. Optimization
  8. Integrate Followup boss pixel
  9. Integrate Facebook, Zillow, Realtor, and more to the Followup Boss
  10. Modify the IDX pages
  11. and many more..

Summary: The client was a real estate agent in Ohio. His properties were in Dayton MLS. He wanted to bring leads to the site and find leads through this site and forms. First I designed the site and set up the Dayton MLS on IDX broker which took time for approval. Then we created widgets to sync properties in our site by IDX broker from Dayton MLS. Then we put Calendly for consultation booking. We created pages for different property categories and sync properties from Dayton MLS. All leads go to FollowupBoss.

You can find my credit on the site footer.

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