Seattle Boat Services

Client Name: Tammy H.

Client Country: United States

Audience: The website was built based on the United States audience

Project Goal: To build a whole website based on their boat services business. The host was


  1. Attach SSL
  2. Create Quote Forms
  3. Images Optimization
  4. Security Setup
  5. Big font size  use
  6. No plain white background
  7. No plain black text
  8. Popups use
  9. Clean and easy. No complexity
  10. and many more…

Summary: Challenge was the color. I gave her some choices of color palettes to choose from. Then I gave her a few versions of homepages with different colors to choose from before we go to the full setup. The website I worked on was hosted on hosting. The main goal was to impress the viewers with the design and make them send Quote requests. She was very impressed with the design. It was simple, clean, but impressive.

You can find my credit on the site footer.

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