Settled Mind

Client Name: Bob D.

Client Country: United Kingdom

Project Goal: The job was to migrate the site from to But the challenge was the site had some issues and its server has also had some issues. Which needed to be fixed. And the condition was I couldn’t use any plugin to migrate the site.


  1. Migrate the site
  2. Fix the issues. Especially the youtube video embedding issue.

Summary: The server was very slow. They were doing some maintenance work. I had access to FTP which I used on Filezilla to download the files. But for server issues, were challenging. Still, I managed and migrate the site. But before I migrated I had to deal with some plugins. The client had lots of plugins installed on the site which could cause issues. After a long hard struggle, I managed to fix the issue. Bob knew that his server had issues. So he appreciated my patience.

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